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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Leigh Odom

Leigh Odom The Biography Below was written the year before my son" Art Leigh Odom" was born. Much has changed in my life and direction. I now work full time as a Tattoo Artist and Paint with ART every week. He is three now and has all but mastered his paints & brushes (well at least how to use them) The freedom I find in these sessions is the most peace ful place I can Find, I have and will continue to show my work as time permits. And as always dont hesitate to contact me

Leigh is a self-taught artist born in Richmond Va Dec 1977. As a local Richmond artist Leigh has had much success exhibiting paintings and performing his artwork live. Creating images in many genre he has branched out into the world. With the help of the web he has gained the attention of collectors abroad and had many projects commissioned by individuals and companies. At a young age he has accomplished these things with the odds stacked against him , yet with persistence and determination his work continues to evolve.

"I have been creating images since I could hold a pen and have recorded my entire life with these creations.
My painting is a testament of my being and will be as long as I am.

Artist Statement February 27th 2007

My paintings are a reflection of emotion captured in layered patterns of structure & chaos. As my style progressed , it lost its form. I began painting more things such as inanimate objects. Just about everything has been painted at some point or another. Living beings where placed within my painting & the paintings came to life. I continue to stretch the boundaries of what may be painted and at the same time continuously long to be engaged with a plain canvas. My favorite thing in the world is to be knee deep in a large painting. At times I perform the techniques I have learned. The interaction which occurs from having an audience is wonderful. I am able to share the techniques I have worked years to perfect. I am able to share these feelings , visually.

Leigh T. Odom
232 marbleridge rd
N. Chesterfield Va 23236
804 247 5693

Im looking for free-lance jobs which utilize Graphic & Artistic Skills and have an appreciation for creative & intuitive minds. I can help bring media versatility and vision cohesiveness to any media / multi-media project.

Fine-Art : Paintings , Exhibitions & Performances

Past Painting Exhibitions
2013- Large showing of over onehundred Paintings and Prints at "ART DECOUR" at "Stony Point Fashion Mall" Ongoing now for at least 3 months.
2012- Exhibition of hundreds of works of Art at Virginia Center Commons at "Art Dimension" Show ran for 4months and was a great success.
2012-Showing of original paintings and prints at "BookHolders" a (VCU) bookstore. Show ran for nearly 1 year before taking it down!
2012-Live Painting Performance for Wicked 6 productions. Body Painting.
2012-Febuary Exhibition of Large Scale paintings Only in the Main Hall of the Richmond City library. This was a great show.
2012-Live painting Performance , Body painting live at the "Cotton Club" for a private party!
2010- Exhibition "DECOUR" at Chesterfield Towne Center , show ran for 3 months
2010- Body Painting for "Camouflage Diamonds" @ The Harlem Cafe.
2010 - Oct 1st. First Fridays Opening "SPLINTERS" was at 212 Tattoo and is Now a Touring Show.
2009- Friday Nov 6th Painting & Photography Showing @ ZEPHYR TATTOO. 314 Brook Rd Richmond va 23220. 7-11pm At the corner of ADAMS n BROAD ST along the first fridays artwalk between Broad & Gallery 5. Exhibit runs until Dec. 3rd 09.
2009- Friday October 30th I did a Live Body painting Exhibition at The Paradise Lounge. I have some pictures now. It was a ton of Fun
2009-Friday Sept 4th -Exhibition of Paintings & Photography @ ZEPHYR TATTOO. The Show was great success and was my first gallery exhibition since the birth of "Art Leigh Odom." He is nearly two now and has begun painting with me.
2008-April -Ongoing Exhibition of Paintings & Photography @ 3rd St Diner. Show Opens Friday April 4th.
2008-March Exhibition of Paintings & Photography @ "Old Dominion Club" on the artwalk (Broad St)
2008-Jan-Ongoing. Exhibition of Photography now on display at JOURNEYS END Custom Tattoo Shop. Also I have begun working there as an Artist so if you want One of a Kind Custom Tattoos come & talk to Leigh , Mike Ivy or Goat. 2028 W. CARY St Richmond Va 23220 (804) 622-7794
2008-Feb. 1st. @ RAMAKINS. Exhibition of Photography , Mixed Media work & Proccess Paintings produced largly from the artwork created during various alien transformations over the past 5 years. Small Performance may be in the works for this exhibit also.
2007- Living Installation Orgo-Mechanic